Embroidery locations

By Ollie W

Embroidery locations

When it comes to custom clothing, embroidery offers an unrivaled touch of class, sophistication and quality. Various spots on a garment presenting unique opportunities for customization, but where exactly can you add these custom details?

From the chest, to the back, to the left and right sleeves - we offer a range of locations where you can place all kinds of designs.

In this post, we'll cover the spots of embroidery that we can do, using a hoodie as an example. Let's weave our way in!

Center chest

The center chest is where we can place your design to make it loud and proud!

a horizontal rectangle appears on the centre of the chest on a hoodie labelled with 250 mm by 150 mm

The largest size we offer for center chest embroidery is 250 mm wide by 150 mm tall.

Center back

Let everyone behind you know what's up!

a horizontal rectangle appears on the upper back of a hoodie labelled with 250 mm by 150 mm

The center back embroidery is much the same as the center chest embroidery.

Please note that if the hood is not being worn, some or all of the embroidery back design may be covered. If this is a concern, we recommend choosing a crewneck instead.

If you have a larger, vertical design that you want done on the back - we can do this for you one a garment that opens at the front (i.e. with buttons or a zip).

a vertical rectangle appears on the back of a denim jacket labelled with 150 mm by 250 mm

These larger vertical design always come out super sick!

Left chest

This is a classy embroidery spot that places the design close to your heart <3

a square appears on the left breast of a hoodie labelled with 10 mm by 10 mm



The perfect spot for a significant date, special person or pet's name!

a horizontal rectangle appears just above the cuff on the sleeve of a hoodie labelled with 50 mm by 35 mm

Add that little cherry on top with a sleeve embroidery. We typically write initials, pet's names, special dates here. Feel free to add an emoji love heart too!

We can do image or logo embroidery on sleeves, but due to the small size of the embroidery spot complex designs may not come out as well.

Additional notes

Please note that the labelled embroidery locations in the images above are not to scale, these images are only intended to be for visual aid.

These sizes are the largest available for each position. By default we use sizing as per below:

  • Chest and back - 160mm x 120mm
  • Left chest - 90mm x 90mm
  • Sleeve - 50mm x 15mm

Designs that do not fit these aspect ratios will be sized to fit within them. Particularly wide or tall designs may appear smaller than expected for this reason.