Quality branding for your business

By Ollie W

Quality branding for your business

Making your brand stand out is more important than ever

Custom embroidered apparel is a great way to build brand recognition with the professional look that only embroidery provides.

Our team of embroidery experts is online and ready to help you turn your logo into branded apparel for your business! Our support team are here to guide you through the whole process.

Pricing details:

  • There is no minimum quantity for ordering. Order 1 or 100, we can service both.
  • We charge a flat, once-time set up fee of $40 for your logo to be digitised and stored forever.
  • We offer bulk discounts for larger orders, get in touch for a specific quote!

Placing an order:

Let us guide you through the process by sending us an email!

Some things to consider when planning out your business apparel include:

  • Logo location - where should your logo appear?
    • Common spots include:
      • Left chest
      • Center chest
      • Center back
  • Logo size - how big should your logo be?
    • Is the logo very detailed? Simpler logos generally come out best.
  • Garment type - what do you want to get embroidered?
    • Our primary supplier is AS Colour, we can offer competitive pricing on their clothing
    • We can source garments from other suppliers
    • Already have the garments you want embroidered? We can do them too!

Processing times:

We work to deliver orders as quickly as feasibly possible.

Whether you are getting clothing made for an upcoming event or just to update your old apparel, we can work to your needs. Minimum processing times are typically around 15 business days, but actual fulfillment times depend greatly of the specifics of your order.

Take the first step!

Send us an email and let us help you